No Peony Buds

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No Peony Buds

Post by pharespa » Fri May 03, 2013 7:57 am

I have 8 peonies but 3 of my plants are smaller than the rest and don't have any buds. (They are about 12 inches tall and 3 years old. I planted 4 last year and they are about 2 feet tall and full of buds.) They are all in the same general area and receive the same amount of sun and care. I really don't know why they don't have buds but I am wondering if they are planted too deeply. If so, can I dig them up and replant them? If so, when and can I replant them in the same location just not as deep? Should I add anything to the soil when I replant? I am grateful for any suggestions you may have.

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Re: No Peony Buds

Post by lorijones » Mon May 06, 2013 1:46 pm

There are several reasons that peonies don't set buds:
  • 1. Planted at wrong depth.
    2. Competing with roots of trees and or shrubs
    3. Over-fertilized with Nitrogen (Peonies in the lawn can get hit with high nitrogen lawn fertilizer)
    4. Plants too young and immature
    5. Plants too large, old, or overcrowded
    6. Too much shade
If you suspect that they have been planted too deep, you can dig them up in late August or September and replant them making sure that the eyes are pointing up and that they are not more than 2" below soil level.
We recommend that you dig a generous hole and fertilize with Plant-tone, rock phosphate, and green sand according to the label directions. Feed spring and fall with Plant-tone.
Perhaps these were just smaller/younger plants to start with and are not old enough to produce flower buds yet. Feed them now with some Plant-tone and rock phosphate.

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