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apple trees

Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2011 10:29 am
by alfarnhamjr
I have a red delicious & a yellow delicious from a major mail-order company. They have been in the ground 7 years now, and neither ever has any flowers--so no fruit. They are somewhat shaded by oaks, but get about 6 hrs of direct sunlite daily. I don't fertilize at all. Do they have to have direct sun all day?

Re: apple trees

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:02 pm
by lorijones
Apple trees, especially standard and semi-dwarf forms (as opposed to dwarf forms), can take up to 10 years to start producing fruit, so you might just need to be more patient. What time of the day do they get sun? They really need full sun in the afternoon to bloom and produce the best. If they are just getting the majority of their sun in the morning, they are probably not getting enough sun. They will also be competing with the oaks for nutrients and water so you will get better results if you feed them with some Plant-tone and rock phosphate according to the label directions. Here are some fertilizer recommendations: