Vegetables give me the diarrhea

Post here if you have insects eating up your vegetable crops
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Vegetables give me the diarrhea

Post by MichaelSmith » Sat May 12, 2018 1:22 am


My primary concern is that vegetables give me diarrhea.
I have been dealing with chronic diarrhea for the past 2 years because the initial c. diff. test was falsely negative, so my doc diagnosed me with IBS (a sign of a bad doc). After a long while of stupid IBS treatments, I got fed up and switched to a new doc, who tested me again and it was positive for c. diff.; he gave me Flagyl. I was much better on Flagyl, but my symptoms returned within a week. Now I tested negative for c. diff., but my doc put me on 10 days of Vancomycin anyway, because he said the test will not be accurate that soon after the antibiotic. The Vanco had absolutely no effect.
I cannot eat spicy food, fried food, dairy, nuts, flour products, caffeine, alcohol, or mostly any vegetables, or "heavy" meals (there is no way to objectively describe a "heavy" meal...). I can eat potatoes but not the skin... Most interestingly, I cannot eat late at night, I guess about 5 hours before bed is the cutoff, otherwise I get diarrhea that same night or, if not, then in the morning. Also, sometimes certain food early in the morning gives me trouble, too (who am I kidding, everything gives me diarrhea, lol!).
My question: are these symptoms typical of c. diff. as opposed to anything covered under the IBS umbrella? The vegetables and late night/early morning intolerances are particularly strange to me, I cannot find ANY mention of these symptoms anywhere but some posts on this forum. Why would vegetables give me diarrhea?
I have no underlying health problems, I am 24 years old, powerlift, and probably know as much as certified wellness educators about life, health, and nutrition. What I eat every day: plain wild rice or sweet potato without skin, some steamed spinach to keep me functioning (too much is trouble for me), and sardines, chicken, or eggs. I have tried eating no fat, it does not change anything.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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