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Better Bush tomato issue?

Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 7:22 am
by andrey20
I transplanted (3) store bought Better Bush tomato seedlings. They are in a 5 gallon bucket. I used MG potting mix mixed with about 1 gallon of composted Kow manure to each bucket as a growing media. I also added about 1/2 cup of bone meal, a tablespoon of epsom salt and 1/2 tablespoon of osmocote to the mix. The plants are dark green with nice thick leaves but the have not grown upward more than three to 4 inches since transplanting. They were nice and bushy, say about a foot wide. I noticed a small amount of fungus starting on the lower leaves and pruned those off but they are still fairly bushy. I spray them once a week with Daconil and this has arrested the fungus. A very few buds have formed and flowered on each plant. I add one gallon of Kow composted manure tea to each plant once a week and water as needed in between. The plants seem to be in good shape but they are just not growing much. I am also growing cucumbers, bell peppers and celebrity tomatoes in the same mix and same type of 5 gallon bucket and they are growing fine. I have grown Better Bush a few times without an issues. They usually have good yields and taste great. I am completely stumped. What do you all think? Suggestions anyone? I searched through many resources like Covoco but did not find about this. If anyone can suggest me it would be great.

Any help wll be appreciated.
Thank you