spots on watermelon leaves

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spots on watermelon leaves

Post by LEE IN VA. » Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:36 pm

Is this a type of fungus maybe? What treatment should I do?


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Re: spots on watermelon leaves

Post by lorijones » Fri Jun 26, 2015 5:37 pm

What variety of watermelon are you growing? This could be a disease but it could also be a variety of watermelon called 'Moon and Stars' which has yellow spotted variegated foliage.
If the spots begin to turn brown and the centers fall out leaving ragged holes, it is most likely one of the fungal diseases such as anthracnose or possibly downy mildew that can attack watermelons and other cucurbits. These diseases develop rapidly and can spread readily in moist, humid conditions.
Many of the fungal diseases in the vegetable garden can be reduced by practicing good sanitation during the season and in the fall. It is really important to rake up and remove all dropped leaves, fruits, and cuttings from the garden. This plant debris is full of fungal spores which can infect new growth as the season progresses or reinfect plants the following spring. This is especially important in the vegetable garden and in the orchard.
If it is a disease, remove all the diseased leaves and then spray the plants with Bonide Copper Fungicide. This should help control the spread of the disease to the healthy leaves.

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